What You Can Do To Help

Please Help Us Educate the Public
Out of a fervent desire not to bite the hand that feeds them, the mainstream media never talks about whose polices and which policies are to blame for the decimation of the canine species. As a result of that dearth of discussion, most people have accepted the false premise that the best we can do by the species is to rescue some small percentage of abused dogs. This page describes how, with just a bit of effort, you may be able to make a big difference in getting the word out that there is an enlightened alternative to the current animal control system that is ready to take its place - one that can stop the widespread slaughter and suffering of the species dead in its tracks.

Please Help Fund This Noble Effort
Contributions in any form are much appreciated. However, as a dog owner, you can fund the salvation of the species without paying a dime beyond what you are already spending to feed and care for your dog. Please click in to this page to learn how, simply by purchasing your pet supplies through our affiliated online retailers, you can provide us with the funding we need to take our hard-hitting message of reform to radio and television, which heretofore have been the exclusive domain of the dog service and supply industries, who lobbied our current animal control system into place and, thereby, created our canine apocalypse.

Please Help to Get the Dog Law Changed Where You Live
If you would like, we can establish a website geared to your local area - a website that will analyze some particular, problematic dog related law there in your home town. Along with a good hard look at the problematic ordinance, the website will also offer up an effective new law that it will propose be adopted in its place. When chosen with care, the law can be so sweeping or so elegant, that its adoption can actuate a fundamental change in the way the animal control system operates where you live. We offer that service because we would like to see the system and the local dog laws changed in the place where you call home, and we would like to make it very easy for you to help us make that happen.

The idea is to use those websites as a catalyst around which people in your area can rally and a reform movement can grow. We understand that few people have much time for such things. However, we will link to your site from all the DSN websites, which will give you a leg up. Also, we can provide you with flyers, and hand outs, as well as with press releases that will pretty much guarantee that you will at least get an announcement in the local paper, all of which can save you an enormous amount of time in getting started. Besides, it really does not matter whether you have the wherewithal to drive forward the kind of sustained effort that would actually get the laws changed where you live. Just getting the website up and an announcement or two in the press could serve to educate an enormous number of people in your area, and once the site is up and the word is out, the chances that others will come along to see the effort through to completion are excellent.

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