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How You Can Help to Spread the Word

Because the mainstream media never speak in terms of there being a solution to the chronic torment of the canine species, most people have bought into the wrongheaded mindset that views the long-suffering condition of the species as immedicable. One of the most valuable contributions you can make, then, is to help spread the word that we don't have to settle for rescuing some small percentage of abused dogs while tens of millions of others are forsaken, because there is a plan on the table that will not only end the abuse of our canine population on the vast scale that we know it today, it will also far more effectively address all five of our major dog related problems.

To that end, please tell everyone you know who might possibly care about such things that we are here, and what we stand for. Then, ask if they will also lend their support to this worthy cause.

You might be able to achieve near maximum effect with minimal effort by firing off an email to any newspaper or television reporters in your area who cover events related to canines, to ask them to do a story or two about the many benefits to be derived from adopting a proactive approach to the management of our dog population. Then, send each of those people a similar prompt every few months. Put it on your calendar and just keep doing that until they come around. After all, a solution so obvious and so elegant in combination with an advocate so persistent can only be so long ignored.

If you belong to a pro-dog internet group, or to any sort of pro-dog or pro-quiet action group, please feel free to make our agenda your own, and let us know what we can do to support your efforts. At the very least, make sure that the others in your group know that this movement is afoot.

If you have your own website, one of the best things you can do to get the word out is to create a link going from your website to one or more of our Dog Science Network websites. Even if people rarely see your site, just the fact that you have created those links will make our sites more visible to the internet search engines. Therefore, by doing that you can ensure that more people will find their way into our sites, where the message is waiting to be received.

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