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The four component websites of the Dog Science Network:

Component One: New Animal Control.Org
If you care about dogs, this is the most important website you will ever encounter. It explains that our staggering rates of abuse and euthanasia, along with all of our other dog related problems, are easily reversible, and that those outrages exist only because they are perpetuated by our current system of animal control - a system that was lobbied into law by the dog service and supply industries, who were more concerned about profits than about the welfare of dogs and people. It also explains how a focus on animal rescue can actually be a very bad thing when it distracts the public's attention away from what really needs to be done to save the canine species. The best thing about this site, however, is that it details a simple, much less expensive plan for a new kind of dog management system - one that can be easily implemented - one that actually can save the canine species - while improving the health of and the quality of life for an enormous number of people.

Component Two: Barking Dogs.Net - Everything There is to Know About Chronic Barking
The same system of animal control that has decimated the canine species is also responsible for the creation of an acoustic blight of chronic barking so severe that across the globe, for the human population it now constitutes a public health emergency. This link will take you to barkingdogs.net, which is the most comprehensive source on earth for information about chronic barking and the effect that it has on human health. Whether your dog is barking disruptively, your neighbor's dog is pushing you beyond your limits, or you are a governmental administrator looking for an abatement program that works, whatever it is you need to know about chronic barking and how to bring it to an end, you'll find the answer here.

Component Three: The Dog Training Workshop
One of the most grievous shortcomings of the current animal control system is its failure not only to insist that people socialize their dogs, but also its failure to provide them with any sort of guidance as to just exactly what that consists of and how they can go about getting the job done. Toward the achievement of that end, you will find here our free, beginning, online dog training workshop. Using principles and procedures drawn from research conducted in some of the world's finest universities, this site offers the internet's only comprehensive training in the science of properly socializing a dog. For a small fee that goes toward the cause, this site also offers advanced instruction in obedience work, watchdog training, and street safety training, in which we show you how to teach your off-lead dog never to enter the street without permission.

Component Four: PerrosLadran.net - The Spanish language version of barkingdogs.net
Perrosladran.net es la fuente de información sobre ladridos crónicos más completa y extensa del planeta. Si tu perro ladra sin control o tu vecino tiene un perro que está llevándote a los límites de tu paciencia, aquí encontrarás todo lo que necesites saber sobre ladridos crénicos y como terminar ellos.

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