The Three Goals of the Dog Science Network

Our First Goal:
To undermine and topple the current system of animal control, which has devastated the canine species while giving rise to an acoustic blight so severe and so dangerous that it imperils the health of countless millions of people, and now constitutes a public health emergency.

Our Second Goal:
To alert the public to the folly of continuing to emphasize dog rescue programs in the absence of animal control reform. Rescue programs actually do nothing whatsoever to impact the mechanism that serves as the wellspring of the ongoing slaughter. For that reason, an emphasis on rescue in the absence of reform can only mean that there will always be just as many dogs being put to death next year, regardless of how many we manage to rescue this year.

Our Third Goal:
To replace the current dog management system with an enlightened alternative that will not only end the butchery and quickly close the puppy mills, but will also more effectively address all five of society's major dog related problems.

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